Math Games for Kids Will Help Your Kids Learn Math and Love It Too

Math Games You Can Play At Home

On this page you will find links to math games you can play at home with your child (or that your child can play with you) that reinforce math skills in fun ways.

And if you are looking for online math games for kids to help your child learn a specific math skill you’ll find Math Game Reviews of online math games below.

You can also skip to the math games hosted on this site by clicking on My Math Games For Kids or check out Math Games You Can Play At Home below.

Counting Games You Can Play At Home With Your Child

These counting games help children learn to count more quickly and in ways that are a lot more fun. To see these fun activities click here.

Multiplication Games That Make Learning The Times Tables Fun

Learning multiplication by rote can be boring. But when you make it into a game it becomes easy and fun for you and your child. Click here to learn about these exciting mulitiplication games.

Reading Minds With Math

Did you know you can read minds? Have a friend pick a word on any page in a book (the larger the better), pretend to think really hard, then turn to the correct page and find the correct word. Your friend will think you read her mind. To learn how to play this and other math games for kids click here.

Reviews Of Online Math Games

Counting Games

After reviewing hundreds of counting games on the internet these were the best at teaching counting skills and were also enough fun to engage children. To read the reviews or to play these math games for kids click here.

Addition Games

Here you will find addition games as well as games that teach subtraction and some algebraic thinking as well. To read the reviews or to play the games click here.

Online Multiplication Games Multiplication does not have to be a bore. Your child will love to multiply when she plays these fun games! To read the reviews or to play the games click here.

My Math Games For Kids

Da Numba

This exciting math game for kids will make your child fast at addition and subtraction. She only needs to match the correct blocks until they add up to “Da Numba”. The game gets more challenging when some of the blocks have negative numbers on them. The game starts slow then gets faster and more fun as she moves through the levels. The different kinds of music you experience as you play adds to the fun of the experience. To play Da Numba click here.


In this math game for kids your child must match different adjacent tiles to “discover” a number such as “2”. The tiles can either add up to that number (i.e. 1+1=2) or the difference between the numbers must equal that number (i.e. 7-5=2). This game is much more challenging than any of the addition and subtraction games on this site and is not for the faint of heart. If your child is looking for an adding and subtracting challenge then this game is it! To play Arithmetiles click here.


Put your child's mathematic skills to the test in this math game of pick and choose. She must quickly create crazy tile combos to match the Numberzerk and make the tiles disappear. She's got to keep her addition wheels turning or the tiles will stack too high and she'll lose a life! To play Numberzerk click here.

Why should your kid play math games?

Research shows that there is one factor that improves learning above all others—rapid feedback.

And the great thing about math games is they provide instant feedback so that your child can learn math and love it at the same time.

Secondly, when your child plays math games she will like math more and do better in school. When she does well in school she will do well in life.

I’m sure you know that the more education your child gets the more money she’ll make and the more likely she’ll find a job that she enjoys.

And you might already know that some kids end up hating math too.


Because it’s often taught by rote, in very unimaginative waysthat bore children.

Math games for kids solves this problem.

That’s why I’ve assembled the best math games for your kids to play on the links below.

And I've also reviewed math educational games for kids as well so you can make the best choices for your son or daughter.