Reviews Of The Best Online Multiplication Games

Fun Brain's Math Arcade

Fun Brain’s Math Arcade includes online multiplication games and division games as well as addition games and subtraction games.

Math Fighter

In this game your child is a fighter pilot that must destroy attacking equations by shooting them with the correct number. So when she sees 10 x 2 she must hit the numbers 2 and 0 on the keyboard, aim and then fire.


The sound effects and graphics make this online multiplication game interesting enough to hold the attention of most children.


This online multiplication game starts out with slow moving equations that attack but after a while the screen gets filled with them. For some children this will provide a welcome challenge for others it may be too difficult. Also, because your child may have to look away from the screen to push the number keys (I did) she may find that even when she can solve the equations fast enough she still gets blown out of the sky.


This math game styled after “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” tests math skills from multiplication, division, algebra, and some addition and subtraction. It has 5 skill levels and tests your child with a qualifying question so that she will know if she’s at the right difficulty level.


The game is fun because it is in the Millionaire format.


Some questions will require pen and paper for many children to answer. Some won’t like this but it may motivate some students to write out their work.

Timez Attack – Free download

This game is not an online multiplication game but it blows away all math games I’ve seen so far so I had to include it here. It’s a lot of fun, it’s 3-D. And it has great music.


This game actually has a neat way of teaching multiplication and then getting your kid to practice.

First, your child finds an equation on a wall in the dungeon 2x2 for example.

Next to that is a tablet that looks like a domino etched into the wall.

Some giant snails pop out of it and your child must catch them, then throw the right number of them into the wall.

Once she's thrown that number, she can solve the multiplication equation.

After she does this, a door opens revealing an ogre with multiplication problems on his chest.

Your child attacks this ogre by entering the answers to these equations with the keyboard.

Every time she does that the creature is hurt until she defeats him.

And guess what? The equations on his chest are the same ones the game just taught her.



The free version of this game must be downloaded and only teaches multiplication facts from 1 –12. You may want to get the full version which is available here.