Science Games Will Help Your Child Develop A Love For Learning Science

If you are looking for fun science games to help your child learn more about the natural world, animals, the earth and other topics then you’ve come to the right place.

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Why I Write About Science Games

When I was in school I loved science. I loved learning about the natural world. I loved chemicals and even had a chemistry set. I loved reading books about dinosaurs. To me science was an adventure.

Unfortunately, I didn’t always do my homework. Somehow the joy of learning science didn’t seem to make answering questions out of a textbook any more interesting. I wanted to use my imagination as I read to try to experience things the way a real scientist might. I also wanted to DO science. And I definitely didn’t want to do busy work sitting at a desk in a classroom.

That might be how your son or daughter feels too.

I was lucky though. My love for science was not diminished by my experiences in school. And because I used my imagination as I read or as the teacher spoke I always enjoyed learning.

And that’s what inspired me to write the Science Game section of this website. I want to make sure that as many children as possible are inspired to love learning science too.

I’ve written reviews of the best free science games on the net so that you can have your children play only the best learning games.

You’ll find reviews of dinosaur games, human body games, animal games, chemistry games and outer space games.

These games will help your children to experience learning science as an adventure like I did when I was a child.