These ABC Kids Games Will Make Learning Fun For Your Child!

These ABC kids games will help your child to learn the ABC’s--the building blocks to learning to read!

These ABC kids games are easy, simple activities that you can play with your child at home.

You won’t need to buy any expensive educational toys or other materials. You can use ordinary household items and common children’s toys to play these ABC kid games.

One of the best acitivites is making an ABC book with your child. You can find out how to do this and why it's a good idea by clicking here.

Educational psychologists note that children learn best from experiences with real objects or pictures instead of drawings and other abstractions.

So the ABC kids games I suggest on this site have you using objects in the real world and photographs whenever possible to encourage your child to relate what she’s learning in the ABC kid games to real life.

If you want to learn more about the history of the ABC Song and various ways to sing it click here to be taken to my ABC Song page. Or if you want to have a good time watching fun videos of children singing the alphabet song click abc song videos.

Game 1: Block Letters

You can use any ordinary building blocks for this ABC Kid Game. Encourage your child to make two-dimensional letters that stay flat on the floor or 3-D letters that rise like towers into the sky.

Game 2: Pantomime Letters

Have your child pretend to be a specific letter of the alphabet. You have to guess which one she is pretending to be.

Game 3: Hat Pull

Cut up some index cards, put the letters of the alphabet on them and place them into a hat. Have your child pick random letters from the hat and name three objects in the room that begin with that letter.

Game 4: Letter Bags

Choose a few letters before playing this abc kid game. Label each paper bag with one of the letters. Find several objects that begin with each letter. Now have your child place the objects into the bag that matches that letter.

Game 5: Shaving Cream Letters

Put some shaving cream on a table. Have your child practice making letters from the shaving cream.

Game 6: Letter Mobiles

Choose several letters. Have your child find pictures from some old magazines of objects that begin with those letters and glue them to construction paper. Have her cut out the pictures from the construction paper, cut a hole in them and thread them with a piece of yarn. Now have your child tie the pictures to a coat hanger.