Reviews Of Online Animal Games

Below I review several online animal games that promote real learning. These games help children to learn the names of animals, what they look like and their habitats. Animal Homes

In this animal game your child must take animals and match them to the appropriate habitat with her mouse. If your child accidentally moves an animal into the wrong habitat the animal will tell why it doesn’t like the environment by saying things like “it’s too wet/dry” “too hot/cold”.


The pictures in this game make it easy for most children to decide which animals go where.


A child who doesn’t know the name of some of the animals won’t learn them through this game and if she finds the habitat it might be a guess and not promote understanding of some animals she hasn’t learned about before.

Animal Safari

In this game your child must match an animal to it’s written name. This helps your child learn the categories that animals fit into. For example, rabbits are “burrowing mammals.”


This game is fun and varied as you progress to different activities.



Animal Spot

In this game your child must match a circle filled with an animal part such as an animals horns, fur, tail to the actual animal on screen.


The game is very simple and is definitely for young children. When your child matches the animal “spot” to the correct animal a box appears that teaches her about that animal.


To really get the most out of this game your child will need to actually read those boxes that appear after each match. If she doesn’t, she’ll just be playing a simple matching game and won’t learn much. The reason this is a con is that the game provides no incentive to read this information.

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