Reading Minds With Math

Would You Like To Read Minds With Math? Here’s how you can.

  1. Have a friend open a book to any page and choose a word (let your friend know that she’ll probably need to use a calculator or at least have a piece of paper.)

  2. Have your friend multiply the page number the word is on by 100.

  3. Add 25.

  4. Add the line number.

  5. Multiply by 100

  6. Add the word’s position on the line. (Count partial words)
Now you will have a number with 5 or more places.

The last two numbers tell the position of the word on the line.

The two that come before these tell the line number.

And the remaining digits tell the page number.

Now you’ve just read your friend’s mind.

(Adapted from an article in the September 2006 Family Fun magazine, page 148)