These ABC Song Videos Of Young Children Will Make You Smile

You will really enjoy watching as each of these pre-school and pre-reading children sings the abc song.

They fumble, they stumble, they they think l-m-n-o-p is just one word "elemenopee" and they make us proud anyway.

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Alexandra's ABC Song Video

My niece Alexandra loves to play in my mom's rock-covered yard while singing the abc song.

Zack's ABC Song Video

Zack sings along with his ABC song CD. He looks so cute as he sings along with a missing front tooth.

Roch Jr's ABC Song Video

Roch Jr. doesn't just sing his abc song, he accompanies his signing by playing the guitar.

Andrew's ABC Song Video

Andrew sings the ABC song while holding a cool flashing microphone and dressed in an orange Milo and Stitch T-Shirt.

Em's ABC Song Video

Em grooves in her car seat as she enthusiastically sings her abc song.

Kyle's ABC Song Video

Kyle is adorable as he sings his abc's and slows down to get the l-m-n-o-p part just right!

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