Reviews Of Online Science Games

These online science games are some of the best on the net.

If you know of even better games please let my know how I can find them by leaving me a message at my contact form.

Space Patrol

In this online science game your child must save the universe by defeating invading aliens. How by answering a series of True False questions.


This game can teach your child about outer space because when she gets a question wrong she will automatically know the correct answer is the opposite choice. Also, in between rounds your child can play other games in which she can learn about constellations by pointing to them and other interesting facts about space.


If you chose a wrong answer there is no “penalty”. So there is less sense of accomplishment when you “win.”

Human Body Quiz Game

In this online science game your child must answer questions about the human body to earn points


If your child knows the answer she will be elated and can earn a high score. If she doesn’t she’ll learn because the game gives you the answer if you get it wrong.


This game has some music but no sound effects to keep a child interested.

Animal Games

Science includes zoology, the study of animals. And this topic is so popular that I've devoted an entire page to it. So if you are looking for animal games try the link above. Or you can just click here.